What does a "business attorney" do for the client?  

It is impossible for one attorney to be expert in every legal issue that might affect a business, however a business attorney will provide general advice on each and every issue, even if the advice is limited to identifying an issue and identifying a cost-effective plan for addressing the issue through research or the association of another attorney or professional.  A successful business attorney will be capable of representing the client on the most common issues that affect a business, including the following:

  • Litigation
  • Pre-litigation consultation and representation, including analysis of issues as they arise and representation in communications with other parties
  • Contract review, analysis, and consultation 
  • Contract form preparation
  • Insurance rights and contracts​
  • Human resource (employee) issues
  • Lease drafting and review

While some situations call for "scorched earth" litigation efforts, these situations are rare for most moderately-sized businesses, whose interests are usually based upon the bottom-line result as determined by costs in relation to the amount of any recovery or payments made.  An effective business attorney should be able to quickly identify and analyze most issues as they arise, to quickly determine options for further addressing each issue, and to communicate well with the client regarding options, anticipated costs, and practical factors.

As further explained with the "Bio" section of this website, David Barnier's experience allows him to effectively represent clients as their "business attorney."  Mr. Barnier has argued multiple cases in California's Appellate Courts involving the duties of care owed by a party to a contract and the jurisdictional issues affecting foreign defendants.  In each case, the Appellate Court found Mr. Barnier's arguments persuasive and ruled in favor of Mr. Barnier's client. 

"Our business has used David Barnier for our legal matters for the past ten years.  David not only has achieved successful results for us in the courtroom, he has accomplished results before we have to go to court.  We could not be more satisfied with the amount of fees that he charges for each situation.  David not only handles our personal matters, we know that we can look to him as a resource on our personal matters and get good insight.  We appreciate that David is not afraid to let us know when he is not a specialist on an issue although he seems to have good information on almost every issue.  David has integrity and responds promptly to our messages and emails.  We could not be more satisfied with David." 

- K. W., Corona, California

"Dave Barnier has been extremely helpful in my journey as a new business owner.  While I contacted him for the single purpose of putting together a contract for my company, he has also proven to be a professional legal advisor and ally.  I have used him as a resource in providing advice for individual issues for my company that have recently come up, and he has helped me work through difficult situations.  Knowing that I can call Dave for legal advice allows me to feel confident and well cared for when these matters arise." 

-- H.E., Oakland, California